Wednesday, July 23, 2008

VICTORY! She is Arnolds!

So Arnold finally got a turn with the beloved rawhide bone.  We don't give them two at a time because they fight over what ever bone one of them has.
Gordon the bully laid off though and cute lil' Arnold had his 15 minutes in heaven!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One for my Homey!

So below, we have two cokes, 1 for me, and 1 for my Homey!
Today we enjoyed our cokes at about 3:45 PM.  In the future we will change the time to suit all needs!

Below, I have just cracked my Coke to enjoy with my Homey, Dad.  I know that I look poopy, but I have been up since 4:10 AM.

Below, I am pouring one out for my Homey! 
Happy Birthday to you!!!

In addition to today being dad's birthday, it is also he and Teach's anniversary of 8 years.  Teach we all know you miss him, below is the two of you, so very happy at me and B's wedding.
You two look fantastic.

Happy Birthday!  Happy Anniversary!
Next year, and from here on out let's all pour one out for our Homey at the same time!

I am the BULLY now!!

So last night the dogs were fighting over a raw hide bone nub.  Gordon kept on bullying Arnold.  Arnold would get the bone, and he would happily trot to a place on the carpet, lay down and begin to gnaw.
Gordon would hastily come up and take the bone from Arnold with a growl (each time) and run away and burry himself in a pile of blankets that we had on the floor.  Arnold would then just wait for Gordon to abandon the nub.  Once this would happen, usually 5 minutes after Gordon would have stolen it from Arnold, Arnold would go to where the nub lay.  He would pick it up and return on the floor to gnaw happily once again.
After Gordon continually kept on stealing the nub, I finally got up and went to the kitchen and picked up a brand new doggy rawhide bone we have kept stored.
I came back into the living room and I bullied Gordon.  The footage below is pretty good.  Arnold totally biffs it approximately 10 seconds in, it is funny.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

AHHHHH! There was a BUG in my HAIR!!!

So I had one of the most terrifying experiences tonight.  I came into our house after having enjoyed some peach pie and ice cream at our neighbors house.  I went upstairs to get ready for bed and looked in the mirror and there was a light tan colored moth in my hair.  I HATE MOTHS!! I AM TERRIFIED OF THEM!!  I dunno why I hate them so much, I just do.  I had to call B to come upstairs and to remove the moth from my hair.  He laughed and laughed at me.  I should have gotten a picture, but I was too frozen with fear to have sat through the photo.  Oh man, what a night!

Friday, July 4, 2008

A New Post for B's Momma!

Above is not the best footage of my two boys with their new loofah dog, but it is what I can get for now.  They are so funny.
I particularly enjoy how Gordon looks up at the camera right at the end of the video.
B's momma mentioned how she was scared by the drummer on my blog playlist and then bothered that there was no new post, and she was scared for nothing!  I therefore dedicate this blog to her!
Be scared for nothing no more.  It isn't the best, but it is something new!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

So I Bought the Dog's a New Toy!

So for the longest time I have wanted to buy the dogs the biggest loofa dog I have ever seen.
B never really wanted me to because, let's face it, these mutts are spoiled.  B is right.
They really don't need anymore toys for a long time....
But, I bought it yesterday anyway!
It is longer than my dogs.  I knew it would be hilarious to watch them run around with it.
I was right, I will try to get footage later!
So above is a face on shot of the new toy.  It is huge, well, huge for mini schnauzers!
When I walked in the door with it, I also had some groceries in my arms. 
Gordon could hardly contain himself.
He climbed up my leg and onto the groceries trying to get the loofah dog.
Finally, he was able to have at it.
Above here you see the length of their new toy.  Arnold too was excited!  
He loves their new dog.  He and Gordon chased after one another with it in their mouths.
Just dogs being dogs.
Gordon however has a hard time sharing what he thinks is rightfully his.
What a spoiled little boy!!
Ya gotta love him!

Who Rode the MS 100?


Way to go again!  I am so proud!!
Okay crew, the U.L.C.E.R ride is coming up in August.  Second weekend I think.
Who is down for doing the Century (111 miles)?
Let me know.  I am pretty sure that B and I are riding and we may be going for the full monty, and I don't mean being naked (raw chicken you give me such a hard time!! ha ha)!
I have posted a link on my blog for those interested!!!
How 'bout it?  Murse, this means you too!!!
I sure didn't realize how much I was gonna like cycling!