Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Things lately have been good, and a bit surprising. About a week ago I received a text from B's Momma. She woke up with zero site in her left eye. She has gone to the doctor and there is no reversing her loss of vision. She will remain blind in her left eye. I have no idea what this would be like. We have gone down and visited her twice and we wish we could do more. B loves his mom very much. He cried when he learned about what had happened to his sweet mom.

Lynne, I know this is hard, but you must know you are loved and are always in our hearts.

I have been sticking with Zumba and loving it. I have heard of other teachers in the valley that teach these classes and I wish I was made of money so that I could try them all out. Rumor has it that the teachers available at Golds Gym (in Cache Valley) are incredible. I am waiting to see if my job will comp part of a membership, if so I just might join... but who knows.

The Belly Fat Cure is good, but I am getting bored with it. I am not sure why I am getting this way, it may be partly due to the fact that I seem to have to replace everything that I already have in my pantry and fridge. Also it is entirely too frustrating to realize the amount of sugar in vegetables and fruits. That part actually pisses me off a bit. I should be able to eat an amount of vegetables that I want without it affecting my sugar gram intake... but nonetheless... it affects it. Fruit I understand, but vegetables? Come on!

This last weekend our neighbors and us went hiking up Smithfield Canyon. It was cloudy and almost 9:00 PM on our first venture, and then it rained on us the next day that we went. I was just proud of us for going, and not letting the rain get in the way. We were going to bring the camera both times, but didn't. We did bring Arnold and Gordon and they loved it. Gordon is quite the little hiker.

Last night B and our neighbors made a ridiculous dish called 'Bacon Explosion'. I don't recommend it, and neither will your cardiologist. It is not the best thing for you. If you don't believe me, just google it. It is awful!

I am still trying to raise B's money for MS tour. There is an active link at the top of my blog on the right-hand side. So if you are feeling like giving, please do so!

Coming up... not this weekend, but next is Little Red Riding Hood. I am so excited for this! My sister will be here and things will be fantastic!

Well this is life in a nutshell. Hope all is well.

Monday, May 17, 2010

A New Diet

So as many of you may know, P90X is a fantastic diet. However, B and I lost our steam with this diet and are now trying something new. B's momma has been doing this diet since January or February and she looks fantastic. I think that they said she has lost 40 pounds. She looks simply amazing. So here is her secret:
After seeing B's momma on mothers day, I was a believer in the diet. I went and found a Borders coupon and then went to Borders and bought the book. I have read quite a bit of the book and am just astounded at how much sugar people eat on a daily basis. B has yet to read the details.

Today is the official start day! I have had my first Belly Fat Cure recipe. It is called Perky Blended Coffee Shake. It is quite good, and quite sweet!

I will most likely be posting recipes from this book on my sidebar. This one is quite fabulous. I already love this diet as it allows for you to have coffee, P90X does not allow for coffee. Jerks.

Below is an aerial photo of my perky shake, and yes that is cocoa powder on top of whipped cream! Can you believe it?
Here is a side view.
I did end up using a protein powder that this book does not recommend due to it containing the wrong kind of sugar. We are poor though and cannot afford to just throw it out. We will use up our EAS whey protein and then buy Jay Robb protein powder that the book highly promotes. The shake was still fabulous though!

When B comes home for lunch break we are going to make another yummy recipe from the book. I am really excited. I need to drop some weight fast so that I am not carrying all of these pounds on my bike rides. They are coming up fast!

Little Red Riding Hood is the first weekend in June. I can hardly wait. Not only am I happy to be riding, but I am super excited to have my sister come down. She is going to stay with us for almost a week! I just can't wait! She is the best!

The last weekend in June is the MS tour! I have successfully collected all of my donations, but now I am trying to get B's donations. He is still at zero $$$. I have updated my link on the top right of the my blog to have donations for B.
PLEASE donate if you can! I understand if you can't (believe me... we po'), but if you are able we would be grateful!

In other things, I am now showing you my beads.
When I had gone to Idaho in April to see my sister, she got me addicted to beading. Here are two of the watchbands I made for myself while there. I also made 2 for B's mom and my sister made one for Yogurt Flavored for me to give her for her birthday. They all turned out so cute!
My sis also made a beautiful band for B's momma. Yeah, we kind of like those two.
Below here are 2 watches my sister made for me for my birthday back in March. She is very good at making these suckers.
Well, this is my life as of now. B is great and wonderful. He puts up with me and my crabby moods, and let me tell you, I sure tried his patience last night! I love that boy though. He is great.

I hope one and all are wonderful! Much love.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Here Came the Sun!

Finally, a day with sunshine AND some heat! I was excited!
I took the dogs with me to my home health visit (they stayed in the car for the 20 minutes).
After the visit... up the canyon we went. We walked the river trail and had a blast. The poor dogs got absolutely covered in cockle-burrs, but they loved every second of the walk. The river trail up Logan canyon is quite beautiful. We had a great time.

When we got back to the car, I de-burred the dogs and then we headed home. Once home those poor pups needed a bath and more de-burring. So we had quite the morning. Afterward I cleaned my car seats. I know that my life is so damn exciting you can hardly stand it.

Things have been just normal as all get out lately. A couple of nights ago I found myself awake at 3:30 AM. I tried and tried to get back to sleep, but couldn't. I was so annoyed. ANY noise that B or the dogs made just made me stay awake longer. So my patience is very short lived. At 3:45 AM, I stopped trying to sleep. I just got up, threw on my workout clothes and hopped on the treadmill until 4:30. That was the best decision ever.
I had a fantastic day at work. I was full of energy. I imagine that I would have been just an absolute jerk had I laid in bed and tried to sleep. When I went to bed last night, I crashed out hard.

In other things... B and I are preparing ourselves for a trip to Vegas with our neighbors. We are going in early July and we can hardly wait! How exciting!

Well this is my life for now! Hope you all are wonderful!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Blog Break Ends... for now....

I am not quite sure what came over me, but the thought of blogging was just absolutely awful. What have I been doing? Well...

Some bike rides, collecting MS donations, making stuff to sell for MS donations, turned 30, worked, went to Idaho to see my sister (best trip)... split open my right great toe while in Idaho... didn't take ANY photos... made watch bands, worked, adopted a dog from the Human Society... had to take said dog back to Human Society so my dogs wouldn't kill him, started Zumbah, dyed my hair, worked, washed my car, off and on dieted, cleaned, worked, cleaned, worked... really my life has been super boring... perhaps not worth blogging.

I think I have just been in a funk. In the beginning of April was the 2 year mark of my dads death. I have missed him immensely. I have just kind of been 'in and out' if that makes any sense to anyone. Plus, now I am 30. I feel old. I feel like I look old. I don't want to get any older, but I know I will.

In other things, I mentioned that I started Zumbah, and I am not sure if I am spelling it right. In starting this class at the Rec Center, I have found that I have absolutely no rhythm but an absolute passion for shaking my ass and hips. I am sure that I put on a good show. It is a lot of fun. I have finally found a place that offers good aerobics classes that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I am absolutely thrilled. Mainly because my treadmill has been getting oh so boring.

My friend Stacey went to the first class with me on Tuesday night. We laughed and laughed but got a really good work out. I went last night and there was not as many women there, and we did the same routine as the night previous... despite having known some of the moves, I still bit it big time... but still had a blast. Tonight we Zumbah again. It really is a blast and I encourage one and all to look into their local Rec Centers for these classes. Yeah, you can buy the dvd's and do them at home, but it is so much more fun to be in a group.

Work has been really nice lately. I really dig my patients. My favorite story of the week:
I was at work on Monday and one of my residents came up to me and it was clear that she had been bitten by one of our pet therapy dogs (define irony right?). She was so sweet, she said to me "I was sitting on the couch and this is what the couch did to me." She had two perfect puncture wounds to her forearm. So I responded "Are you sure that the dog didn't get you?" And she then says "Well, I was sitting on the couch and my arm was hanging low and the dog was there and so was his mouth, but, this happened from the couch." I just started to giggle. I cleaned her arm and dressed the bites and reassured her that every thing would be fine. That the dog, who is really just a teething puppy, will be able to come back after he has had more training. She was so worried that the dog was going to get punished and never come back. I love that she tried to blame her wounds on the couch. She really is a sweetheart. I have some of the best patients in the world.

I have probably lost a lot of followers, but, as I said, I don't know what came over me, I just couldn't bring myself to blog. But here we are, we are back. I will do better at blogging. I hope to promise that to you all.
Much love.