Thursday, August 27, 2009

B's Birthday

B and I didn't do too terribly much on his birthday.
We had a nice day and went to lunch with a good friend.
It was perfect!... other than the basement flooding.
The weekend before B's birthday, some of our friends and us played a game called Nazi Zombies. It is an awful fun game, just look at those zombies that you get to kill!
For B's birthday, we got an XBOX Live account, so now we can play with people we know and people we don't know. We also got the game Nazi Zombies. Below you see another creepy, yet fun, view.
So I am kind of a nerd, but I really dig gaming. I like this game more than B or I ever thought I would. On B's birthday, after lunch, we played this game well until it was about 10:00 PM. I was so tired at work the next day... but it was so worth it.
B also did NOT return all of his gifts... he kept the Kapoosh Knife Block, a cute pair of Old Navy pants, an XL bag of M&M's, and even though he returned the actual LSAT books that I purchased, he is re-purchasing them for cheaper.
B did return an air compressor/car battery recharger, a set of all-weather car mats and I believe that is it.
So overall:
I didn't do that bad!
We had a great day. I am so glad that we like each other so much. I am so lucky that we love each other so much.
What a life!

Monday, August 24, 2009


My B turned 30 years old today!
He is so great. B is the best husband that was ever made, how lucky am I?
Even though we had a bad morning (basement flooded AGAIN!), B has still managed to have a great day.
I love him very much and I am so happy that he is in my life!
I love you baby!
Happy Birthday!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Poor Little Wounded Soul

Poor little Arnold had a really bad day yesterday. I buckled and gave B all of his birthday presents yesterday and we spent most of the afternoon returning some of his gifts.
Before we left, the dogs were both fine. Just happy little furry entities bumping around the house. B and I loaded up the car and left around 2:00 PM. We returned around 4:00 PM. When we got home, Arnold had a noticeable limp and he kept raising his back leg as to not put any weight on his paw.
I was worried, I brought him in a told B. B looked really close at his paw and tried to find a sticker or a stinger or something. Nothing was there. So we looked up our vet and... they were already closed. So we found the only open vet, about 10 minutes away (North Cache Vet) and we loaded him up and took him in.
They had to shave his paw to make sure there was nothing in there:
They mentioned that he could have a possible fracture, and his one toe is slightly larger than the others.
They also said that his back right knee has a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). Luckily with most small dogs they say that with some anti-inflammatory medicine the ACL will just scar right back up and the dog will be fine without surgery. The anti-inflammatory should also help with his toe if it is indeed just soft tissue damage and not a fracture. So for the next two weeks Arnold gets this medicine:
Neither B or myself thinks that he has fractured anything in his foot as he is bearing weight very well now and seems to be doing much better. We spent about $60.00 on him yesterday. He is worth every penny! Just look at my cute lil' wounded baby:
I am so glad we were able to get him some help!
Thank you North Cache Vet!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hair Shorts, Pee Pee, and Hats!

Things have been pretty good lately. Work has been busy and I have been surrounded by drama queens and kings! Oh well, drama is sometimes inevitable.
Things have been wonderful at home. B is the best! He spent his weekend doing home projects and cleaning/laundry... what a guy!
B is also the reason that the words 'hair shorts' made it in my title. He has recently began shaving his legs, as any true cyclist would do, however, he stops mid thigh. It is hilarious! He literally has hair shorts. I think you all understand why there is no visual here. Oh I love him to death.
The other night Arnold pee'd on his gigantic head/face. It was a complete accident though. Gordon was up on the bed cuddling between B and I, and Arnold was all by his lonely on the foot of the bed. I reached down and grabbed him, and I think I startled him.
He started peeing, and I didn't know until I had him mid air, at which point his pee began flying at B's head. All of the sudden I heard a panic from B "Aaaa!, Aaaa!, Aaaa! What is that?!?" Each little 'Aaaa' was separated by about 2 seconds. I look at Arnold just in time to see the final stream shoot from his wee. We got up and I changed the bedding while B took the boys outside again. I felt bad, but B started laughing, so I started laughing. Arnold thought he was in trouble.
He wasn't.
It was my fault entirely. Pretty funny.
Okay one and all... it is time to let me know if you think I will be pricing these items right.
I am going to be selling beanie hats at the Phish Festival in October and I want to know if you think I am over shooting my prices or if they are right.
Below is a picture of all of my hats thus far. Pinkie and Red are not for sale, but I will be using those patterns for others that will be for sale.
The hats below are harder patterns, and thicker hats. I am going to price them for $10.00.
The pink one shown below is for me. I love it. It looks super cute on. The red one I have actually made an error on and it is huge (ALWAYS count your stitches). B loves it though and it's cute on him, it should have looked like the blue one below it.
This is what the top of the blue hat looks like (above the pink hat in photo above).
And this is a side view of the blue hat from above. It is super cute!
The two hats below are my absolute favorites and they are in the $10.00 category.
These two hats below are super cute still, but they don't take much yarn, or time. They are in the $5.00 category. The green one is actually B's and he wore it last winter. He said it was nice and warm.
These next two hats are super cute, super easy, and I don't know how much to price them for. I don't think they are $10.00 but I also don't think they are $5.00. I thinking more like $7.00.
I dunno though. Let me know!
I have really been having a blast making them. If a family member would like a hat, I am not charging you guys... because I love you all so much. I am not charging my good friends either, again because I adore my friends. But strangers at the Phish Fest... now they gotta pay!
I hope you guys are all doing well, and PLEASE let me know what you think.
Any hats that don't sell will most likely end up as Christmas presents, or Raw may get them for her business. And yes Raw, you are getting all of these patterns!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Still Doing Things, But I'm Sort of Bummed Lately

B and I rode our ride this last weekend and it was pretty good. I got one flat tire, and we weren't able to go the pace that we normally can ride, but we still had a great time.
Below are some of the photos of B getting the car ready to haul the bikes down to Provo. We had to install a hitch.
As you can see it was a hot day.
B worked very hard and he did a great job!
Hitch installed!
The next task was installing the bike rack. That was actually harder than B and I originally thought that it would be.
Midway through the installation:
And I didn't take a final picture of the complete product, but it looks nice and it was installed correctly as we did not lose any bikes on our drive down! How nice it is to be able to take bikes to different locations for riding and not have to have a certain car.
A day or two after we installed the hitch and the bike racks, B was at work and I had the day off. I decided to take the dogs for a hike up Smithfield Canyon. It was a beautiful day.
The dogs were excited!
Below is a picture of the river, one of a few that I took.
The dogs and I would wander close to the river so they could get some water. They have become quite brave with water lately too. They used to not go in at all and now it seems as if they had to get all four feet wet even though they were just getting a drink.
They are so darn cute!
After taking some pictures of the river, I looked up and thought that the trees were pretty, so I took a photo.
And one more of the river.
The hike was perfect. We hiked for a little over 2 hours, and it was great exercise. As we went further up the Canyon, I kept on freaking myself out about 'what if there is a bear' or 'what if there is an angry momma moose' and 'what would I do if we got chased' etc...
After the moose thought, I decided we better turn around and go back to the car. It was more than I could bear. Plus, I was already tired, as were the boys.
Overall it was a beautiful day and a beautiful hike. We had a great time. I sure love my dogs.
Below is a creepy picture of the sun the day that there were like 20 fires all around Utah after the storm.
This picture does not justice of just how creepy it really was, but it was the best I could do.
B and I had a great time down in Provo and on the bike ride. I actually surprised him with how much I had increased my MPH average. On my first ride, a little over a year ago, I was only averaging about 10 to 12 MPH, however, now I average about 16.5 MPH. When I draft off of B we go about 17.6 MPH. Without me though, B can average between 18 and 19 MPH. He is very good. My friend Winfrey, was only averaging 10 to 11 MPH, which made for a VERY long ride. She told us to go on so that she would not be holding us up.
She ended up taking a ride for a little bit. As did I. I rode in a car for 13 miles of the 108 mile ride. I ended up riding 95.5 miles that day. B did the entire ride. Like I say, he is very good.
We are going to ride in the Cache Valley Century on August 29th and I know we will finish at about 3:30 or 4:00 PM. That is gonna be fun.
After the ULCER ride we went to get and appetizer and a beverage with my friend Winfrey and her mom. We went to Applebees. That was fun. Winfrey is moving back to Idaho (twin falls) so I knew that would be the last time I was going to see her for a long time. Kind of a bummer. She is/was one of my only girl friends that I had up here Cache Valley, so I am bummed about that.
After the appetizers we went to B's brothers house and had some dinner. Our sister-in-law Sha-nay-nay, also rode in the ride. We actually met up with her at the luncheon. We showed her a rider to stay clear of. We nick-named the rider 'Snot Rocket Sandy' and 'Booger Back Becky'. As we were riding by her earlier we saw her blow a rocket and one hit the back of her jersey. In addition to this disgusting habit she had absolutely NO biking manners. We tried to pass her at one point and she would not get out of our way, as a result, I got honked at. I still got ahead of the booger flinger. She was absolutely foul.
We took the camera with us on our ride, but took no pictures. Oh well, next year I suppose.
On Sunday we went to B's sister's for dinner, Yogurt. She is a sweet girl. I love her house, it is absolutely gorgeous and it makes me realize that I have absolutely no decorating skills. We had a fantastic dinner and I was finally able to give her the blanket that I started forever ago. I am pretty sure she liked it. I never did take a picture of it, but it is a cute one.
In other things, I have been really bummed lately. I feel super alone and as if I don't have a family. I hate that my parents are dead. I at least would talk with my dad 3 or 4 times a week and would know what is going on with everyone, now I maybe talk with my siblings once or twice a month. B doesn't quite understand because he and his family really never communicated the way that I used to communicate with mine. I really just miss it. Actually, I really just miss my dad. I think that is what it all boils down to.
I get bothered too though because B still has both of his parents, yet he seems to never really call and talk with them. I am not saying that the way they choose to keep in contact is inferior, it just seems weird to me. If my mom were alive I know we would talk daily, I really took my parents for granted and I fear that B is taking his for granted too.
I am probably just sad and this is how I am venting about it.
I don't know how to fill the void that makes me feel so alone. Hopefully one day I figure this out. Sorry for the sad ending, those of you who actually were able to make it through my super long post.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

This Coming Weekend!!!

B and I can hardly wait. This coming weekend he and I and my friend Winfrey are going to do the ULCER ride around Utah lake! 111 miles of complete agony and fun! Just kidding about the agony part. We are really gonna have a good time though.
Me and B had decided to ride last year, but then B strained his back and didn't feel as if it was a good idea to ride. So Delaware and I did the ride, only 36 miles though. That was a good day.
This weekend is gonna be a blast though. I do worry about Winfrey, she is riding my commuter bike and I am not convinced that it is gonna be the most comfortable ride for her. This is the same bike that Raw rode for the Red Riding Hood, and she was in pain by mile 25.
Winfrey and I did do a 30 mile ride not too long ago and she seemed to do fine then so we shall see.
Today B is going to put the hitch on the Lexus and I am going to crochet and make things. We are gonna ride bikes sometime today as well, but we need to get the hitch on first.
We just got all the bikes tuned up yesterday in order to get them ready for the big ride coming up! I really cannot wait. This is going to be the first time B and I have ridden a ride like this one together. He and did the MS tour last year, but he rode with my brother and I rode with my sister in law. That was a great ride.
In other news... well there is no other news. We are pretty boring up here in good ol' Smittyfield!
Love you all.