Wednesday, October 29, 2008


First off Gordon says hello!
Just kidding.  I was trying to get both of the dogs to look in the camera and I had them both, but then the flash took too long and this is what was left.
Cute isn't he?
Attempt number 2 resulted in Arnold looking up, but Gordon looking elsewhere.
But there's the latest picture of my pups.
Taken just 20 minutes ago!
So yesterday, as we all know, I was having a helluva time getting a good amount of sleep.
Lately B and I have been talking and having my shifts flip-flop so often is just killin' me.  I have been both a little moody and a little depressed.
Don't get me wrong though, it is just the sleep issue alone that is killin' me.  I love the girls that I work in the wee hours of the night with.
The residents are hilarious at night.  It really isn't that bad of deal other than sleep regulation.
Anyway, B bought me flowers!
This larger vase of flowers (below) was left on the kitchen table.
When I finally wandered downstairs from our bedroom, I was greeted with these beauties!
The smaller vase of flowers (below) was left on the bathroom counter.
I found them first when I got up.
I thought of how sweet B was and immediately called him at work to thank him.
At the time of this conversation I was unaware of the fact that a larger vase of flowers was waiting for me downstairs in the kitchen.
I sure am a lucky lady!
So my last two NOC  shifts have been pretty darn funny.
On Monday into Tuesday one of the girls that I work with had her boyfriend crank call me.
It was absolutely hilarious.
The conversation went as such:
Telephone rings
Me:  Terrace Grove this is Trish.
Caller:  (male voice) Hi are you a nurse?
Me:  Yeah.
Caller:  Well I have a medical question.  I have been taking Cialis for my ED and it says to seek out medical attention if you have an erection that has lasted for more than 4 hours.  What should I do?
Me:  (laughing a little) Have you called your doctor?
(at this point I was unsure if the call was crank or not, so I laughed, but didn't want the person to feel bad)
Caller:  It's after hours.
Me:  Go to the ER.  They are open and they can help you.
Caller:  It is sort of embarrassing.
Me:  And it is not embarrassing talking with me?  Who is this?
Caller:  I'd rather not say.  Don't you think I could just ice it?
Me:  Yeah, go ahead and try that but go to the ER if it doesn't work.
Caller:  Okay.
I looked at the aide that witnessed the whole conversation and I just started to laugh and explain to her that I was crank called. 
I tell her the story and she is just laughing.  Then she breaks down and tells me that it was her boyfriend that called.
I was dying.  He later brought us some meat-loaf, mashed potatoes, and steamed cauliflower.
We all ate at about 1:00 AM and laughed about his devious behavior.
He is a funny guy.
As the Monday into Tuesday NOC wore on I began to think of stupid things to do.
I took a roll of tape and taped off the latter half of our elevator just to see how the Day Shift would react.  The front half of the elevator was all that was seemingly usable.
We all carry walkie-talkies and I completely figured that people would just start to radio me questions about the elevator.
Nobody said a thing.
At 7:00 AM, the Day Shift nurse arrives.  She asked me what was wrong with the elevator.
I told her that I was just trying to illicit a reaction from staff, but there really was not reaction.
Just then the elevator dinged and it sounded full, so I knew the tape was removed.
I ran over to the elevator and was as serious as I could be.
In it were four residents, a new aide and a janitor with the tape all rolled up in his hand.
I looked at them and said:
"Who removed this tape in here?  The latter part of the elevator was taped off for a reason, why would you remove it and endanger the residents like that?"
The janitor and the aide looked stunned.
One of them finally spoke up and said:
"It was down when we got in here."
I just started laughing at that point.
The janitor called me a terd and threw the ball of tape at me.
It was pretty darn funny.
Last NOC the shift was normal.
No goofing off.
And today I slept for 7 hours!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So Why is it that....

Why is it that I can work a 10 hour shift in the night, come home, fall asleep at 10:00 AM and wake up at 1:30 PM and not be able to go back to sleep?  
However, when I go to sleep at 10:00 PM I can sleep until 7:00 AM easily!
What gives?
I am tired and would like to go to sleep!

Monday, October 27, 2008

So B Bought a New Truck

B bought a Toyota Tundra.  
It is a 2003.  
It is quite nice.  
I will post pictures of it soon.  
And this totally counts as a post.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Did you know that if you watch my skeletons in my blog title window AND listen to the music on my blog at the same time that the skeletons will start to kick to the beat?!?
Hmm, pretty neat!
Better try it!
Just thought you may want to have something to do when bored.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I had a Great Date! B on the Other Hand...

Tonight B and I went out to dinner.  We went to a local restaurant called Callaways.
It is kind of cute lookin' and locally owned.  We have had takeout from there before and the takeout has been good.
Tonight I really did enjoy myself.  The patio area has windows up in it now that it is getting cold and has heating lamps.  The lighting was perfect, or so I thought.  My food was delicious.  We even got dessert, which we NEVER do.
B hated his experience.
His salad tasted dirty, his pasta sauce was thin, the breadsticks didn't have enough flavor to them, and the dessert was too expensive.
We got in the car and as we drove home B commented that he never wants to go there again.
They are overpriced, but how funny that two people can be in the same experience, and come away with totally different feelings.
Crazy how life works.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Ha ha ha, just jokin' around Raw Chicken, I thought that this would be funny.
It's true too though!!!

Oh Boy am I Sore!!

Holy Moly!!
B and I started a boot camp together.  We went on Tuesday night at 6:30 PM and Geeze Louise!
The boot camp thing is actually called Cross Fit Cache Valley.  There is a website that is  My goodness, this guy knows what he is doing.
As I said, B and I went on Tuesday.  We really should've gone again last night, but neither one of us could really move well, which is why we should have gone.
Either way, I went again today at 4:00 PM.  It was hard to actually convince myself to go.  All day long at work I kept on telling myself "Get ready, You're gonna do this, and You're gonna kick ass!"
Well, I went, I did it and I kicked ass.
While I was there, the main person in charge, the owner remembered my name and asked about B.  It almost feels like we have a personal trainer.
I told him that I was going to get B convinced to go with me at 6:30 PM tomorrow night.  We both need to get in shape.
I really feel like this is going to be great.
Tomorrow my going to the class means that I have to start to pay.  I am hoping to get B convinced to be paid for too.  Normally your first two classes are free but if B and I sign up together it is better pricing.
So I know that this post may have bored you to tears, but just wait till you see us at Christmas.  Hopefully I can get B to join, if not, just wait till you see me at Christmas!

Monday, October 13, 2008

What I DID do in Class Tonight

So I am in Pathophysiology and Sooooo Bored!

So I am in class tonight.  I brought my laptop because this class continues to drag on, and I knowing this thought, maybe I oughta blog instead of sit there in a stupor.
Now I look like I am engaged in the topic.  The professor thinks that I am a studious person as I sit with my laptop open and type up this stinkin' blog.
So a lot has happened.
B and I actually painted some walls in our living room!  Our whole house is not white anymore.
I would have posted a picture, but I didn't take any photos yet, and as you know, I am in class right now.
We also rearranged our furniture that only one family member has come up to see thus far.  And, we hung our TV on the wall.
We plan on painting more, but we have to have our taxes done by 10/15.  Yah, I know, we never did our taxes because of all the crap that was going on.  So we got an extension until 10/15 and of course, we waited until the last couple of days to do them.
I have cut and dyed my hair again.  I love it.  B doesn't like how much it cost, but every lady needs a day here and there in the beauty shop.
The idiot in charge at work tried to take all of my hours away.  I now will be going to graveyards on 10/20.  Not too excited about that, but I do what I have to do.
I don't quite understand all the crap that is happening this year, but I am still alive, just getting heavier.
So I am starting a boot camp workout program tomorrow.  I am trying to get B involved as well as the guy that is doing these classes focuses on core strength training and discusses diet control especially through the holidays.  It is expensive, but I know it will be worth it.
Since Dad died, I have gotten really good at being a lethargic slob and had a hard time getting a fire lit under my you-know-what.  So now I am the fattest I have ever been.
Not too much else is really going on.
I am sure that I have left some things out.
Perhaps I will post some pictures later of our newer living room, but I doubt it.  I would much rather have the company!