Monday, June 30, 2008

So I Stole a Couple Cute Pic's Off of Arty and Opera's Blog

Above is me and Opera.  We rode the 40 miles in the MS tour together.  We do absolutely rock, I really must say.  We are two cute babes.
Above here is the whole crew.  We all now can get to a visual picture of Senior Fitness (white bandana).  Cute lil' Alaska was freezing and had to warm up in her blankey.  The morning was chilly.  What a great crew!
What a great memory!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008


So recently:

This weekend was the MS bike tour.  What an absolutely perfect weekend and ride.
Arty and B rode 100 miles with one of Arty's friends and 'older brother', whom we'll call Senior Fitness, just for fun.  Senior Fitness is only 53, but he looks like he is maybe 40 years old.  He is in great shape and participates in Utah sporting events all throughout the state (I think).  He has been a fantastic friend to my older brother Arty for a little more than 20 years.  I am so glad that Arty has Senior Fitness in his life.  Overall though, WAY TO TO GO GUYS!  They did so great on their ride.  They spent approximately 7 hours on their bikes and took about 1 and 1/2 hours worth of breaks/stops along their ride.

Opera and I rode the 40 mile ride together.  We had an absolute blast.  Opera had a pump attached to her bike that would click against her pedal each time she pedaled.  She finally removed the pump because it was both threatening to fall her bike and it was super annoying.
We started around 7:30 AM and crossed the finish line at about 11:30 AM.  B, Arty and Senior Fitness crossed the finish line around 4:30 PM.  I am so proud of B.

Delaware and Alaska rode the 75 mile ride and they did a fantastic job as well.  Opera and I were not there when they crossed the finish line, but I believe they crossed over at about 2:45 PM.  Poor little Alaska got thrown off of her bike as she rode over some railroad tracks.  She really got banged up.  I fear that she fractured her shoulder.  However, Alaska knows how to hang tough and still got on her bike and finished the ride.  As Alaska rose to get back on her bike, she and Delaware watched 3 other riders fall at the same spot.  An MS volunteer was then placed there to warn other riders about the tracks.

Between the six of us I believe we raised close to or a little more than $2000.00.  Way to go us.  We will be riding again next year.  Next year I too will be more aggressive with getting the complete donation minimum for both B and me.  Oh yes we will ride, and oh yes we will help raise the money for a very good cause.

Pretty soon I hope to have some pictures from the ride posted on my blog.  However, it will be a little while, Arty and Opera, and Alaska and Delaware were the picture takers and I will have to get them from them, until then I am sure they will post the pictures on their blogs, which are accessible on my blog.

Raw Chicken and Murse:  you both must ride with us all next year.  We will have a blast.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


So above is Delaware, whom fixed my video issues for me tonight!  I am so happy.  I hope you have all found and enjoyed the video found below this blog.
I dunno why, but I absolutely love that video.


So I am so excited to report.  I now have $240.00 for the MS ride raised.  B now has $50.00 in his online account.  Thank you Teach, this is the name I have dubbed for my step mom.  She really is the best.  I simply cannot even fathom what she has gone through in the loss of my dad.  I have always said (and felt) that as you grow up, you always expect that one day you will lose your parents, however, you never expect that you will lose your spouse.  Hang in there Teach, you are doing a great job.  Thanks again for all of your support with B and me in this bike ride!  I do look forward to seeing you on Thursday.  We will have fun.

This Friday is also a day to look forward to.  Arty and Opera, Delaware and Alaska are all coming to Smithfield/Logan for the big bike ride event!  We are really gonna have a great time!
I believe Arty and Opera are staying the entire weekend, Delaware and Alaska will be leaving us after the ride on Saturday, but even though the time will be short, I am very excited to be seeing them on Friday and Saturday!
Something that made me laugh about the MS ride today:  I received an email from Arty and Opera about sending them a donation for the ride.  Kind of funny because B and I are so desperate to raise money for our own accounts!  Arty and Opera, you both made me smile today!  :)

On Sunday I bought a kiddie pool for the dogs, they kind of like it.  It has been so hot.
My neighbors, who also have two dogs, and I filled the pool with water on Sunday and set the dogs inside.  They stayed in long enough to drink up some water and then jumped out to play.
We continually threw them in the pool throughout the evening.  
Though I am not 100% sure, I think that they liked it.
Watch for a video of this to be posted soon!

Well I am out for now!

All We Had To Eat Was Frisbees

We were so hungry.  All we had to eat was frisbees.  Arnold loved his.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Things Are Going Good

May I have your attention please?  Good.
So my great news is that I now have raised $215.00 for the MS bike ride!  HOORAY!!!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, thank you!
I regret to report that B still is at $0.00.  We both have been trying to raise his money, I still have a few ideas up my sleeve.  However, I am changing my little link to go directly to B's bike ride account to hopefully get some donations for him.
Overall, he wants to ride, but if he can't raise the money he also says that he doesn't mind sittin' this one out.
We still have about a week, I am still positive.
For some reason, the people that B work with are just not willing to donate.  I think it is feast or famine.  My family, co-workers, and friends have been really quite generous with my donations.  I simply cannot thank you enough!!!

So recently:

My work hours have changed.  I now work 5:00 AM to 1:30 PM.  The mornings are really early, but you can't beat gettin' off at 1:30.  My hours used to be 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  So yeah, I now lose an hour, but that is very much okay with me.
A lot of my co-workers have not been happy with the new hour change, but a lot have been thrilled with it.  I fall within the thrilled category.
One nurse in particular is very upset with the changes, she also is upset with those who are happy with the changes, thus she is upset with me.
Though I know that she will never read this blog, I am still gonna give her a code name.  We will call her B-Yotch.  
She has gotten so mad at everything that she is gonna quit, and she is making false accusations against both myself and the assistant director about various things.  
Sometimes I wonder why I chose a profession that is dominantly female.  So much drama.
Oh well.

Funny Work Story of the Week:

So one of my cute little residents is a clepto.  Being such we will dub her name as none other than Clepto.
Once a week now, the CNA's have to clean out her fridge, closet and bathroom to gather back all of the various items she picks up from the facility.
Today, I walked into work, walked passed my bosses desk to find the cart loaded up with all the booty taken from her room, and a note.
I laughed out loud and wished that I had my camera to show you what exactly was retrieved.
Our carts have three shelves to them.  The top two shelves were filled with drinks.  The drinks are very telling that only Clepto would have stolen these items.  She is unique.  She enjoys a large scoop of vanilla ice-cream in her glass of juice.  At least I think she does.
She creates her 'special' takes a couple of sips and then stores the beverage in her fridge.
Our community dining room has run short of glasses because Clepto has had so many in her fridge at once.
In addition to her 'specials' she will pick up every can of soda that there is available in the community fridges.  The CNA must have gathered 25 sodas from her fridge last night.  There was a full, large container of buttermilk, she hates buttermilk.  1 dozen apples, and 6 rolls.
In her closets were 20 rolls of toilet paper, 10 boxes of kleenex, stacks of napkins etc...  These things may not seem like much, but when supplies need to stretch for 60 (+) people, it begins to add up.
Today, our boss had to talk with her about taking so many items at once.  She looked him in the face and said 'This is not mine, it did not come from my fridge.  This is not right'.
Clepto will take every apple in every community fruit bowl.  She never eats these items.  Her room smelled awful one day and this was gave us the idea of her 'collecting' habits.
This last Christmas a company donated 70 poinsettias to our facility so that every resident could have a plant and we would have some extra to decorate our front lobby with.
2 days after these were donated, we found 10 poinsettias in Clepto's room.
Oh boy, never a dull moment!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Been Too Tired To Blog!

So I am really quite annoyed with the blogging world at the moment.  I have some of the funniest videos and I have been trying to upload them, but it never works.
Not sure why, they are the same format as the other videos I have put on my blog, but alas, I am stumped.  So I thought I would put this funny picture of Arnold up. 
He is so funny.  We went for a walk today; the dogs love walks!!
On our way back home, Arnold started to slow up and just lag really far behind us.  Turns out he was tired.  I had to carry him the last block and a half home.  He lay there, in my arms, all limbs were limp, tongue out to the side, slobber hitting my toes.
He was as happy as a clam to not be walking anymore.
Such a spoiled little boy!

So Recently:

Last weekend, on 6/7/08, my neighbor, Alaska and I all participated in a female only bike ride.
It was called 'Little Red Riding Hood'.  I had originally planned to ride 46 miles, but when the 36 mile turnoff came up, I decided to turn there.  Alaska, whom is very fit and very patient, settled for the shorter mileage with me.
We rode through hail and rain.  We rode directly into the wind.  We did all 36 miles in only four stops.  It took us 2 hours and 45 minutes.  I was so proud.
B thought that I wouldn't be able to finish.  B thought I would call him and ask him to come and pick me up.  B was wrong.  Ha ha!!

In about 2 weeks from now, B and I are riding in the MS bike tour, that is if we can raise the money.  I currently have raised $115.00, thanks to all of those who have donated thus far.  B has raised $0.00.  I dunno that he will be riding.  At that rate, I dunno that I will be riding.  But we are trying.

If the money is raised B plans to ride 100 miles, me I am gonna do 40 miles with my sister-in-law Opera.  We are gonna have a blast!!!

Anyway, if anyone has any advice about my video dilemma I would deeply appreciate the help!!

Hope to blog again soon!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Two Tag to Make Raw Chicken Happy

Two of Everything

Two Names I've Gone by:
1) Gunky
2) Pat

Two Things I'm Wearing:
1) Pants
2) Shirt

Two Things I Want/Have in a Relationship:
1) Laughter
2) Friendship

Two of My Favorite Things to do:
1) Hang out with friends
2) Talk/Hang out with family

Two Things I did Last Night:
1) Worked (yuck)
2) Successful straight cath on gross anatomy (double yuck)

Two People I Last Talked to:
1) B
2) My cute next door neighbor

Two Things I'm Doing Tomorrow:
1) Going to work
2) Riding my bike

Two Longest Car Drives:
1) California, in the van, with whole damn family :)
2) From California to Utah in my crashed Lumina

Two Favorite Holidays:
1) Christmas
2) Thanksgiving
(I am boring)

Two Favorite Drinks:
1) Diet Pepsi
2) Orange flavored Gatorade

Two Things About Me You May Not Know:
1) I fell off of my bike again, this time to the left, have a huge bruise on my left cheek
2) I am riding in a bike ride on Saturday, June 7th, (going 46 miles) and I am in horrible shape

Two Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:
1) Love Actually
2) Rock Star

Two Favorite Foods:
1) Salmon patties with rice
2) Chinese food (especially lo mein)

Two Places I'd Rather Be Right Now:
1) Hawaii
2) Any hot beach in the beautiful hot sunny weather

Two People I Tag:
1) Delaware
2) Arty and Opera

Two New Two's From Arty

Two People (Living or Dead) I'd Like to Meet:
1) Dave Matthews
2) Chef Gordon Ramsey

Two Movie Characters I'd Like to have Played:
1) Marty in anyone of the "Back to the Future"
2) Indiana Jones in anyone of his flicks

Just a Boring Ol' Night Eatin' Cookie Sticks

So the other night, B and I were watching T.V.  Nothing special.  Just watching some programs, enjoying each other's company.
Well, we got hungry, so we decided to snack.
B has found some cookies that are in the shape of little sticks.
We were elated when we found an un-opened package of them in our pantry.  Mmmm boy.
These cookies are really the best way to enhance the activity of watching T.V.  They even give HD T.V. a run for it's money.
So I had just bitten into my second cookie, when I looked over at B.  I immediately began to laugh.
B had further enhanced his cookie eatin', T.V. watchin' activity by introducing a device with which to eat a cookie stick.
Maybe we don't have enough to do in Smithfield when I find a toothpick in a cookie stick to be of upmost humor and blog-worthy material.
Oh I love my B!