Tuesday, July 7, 2015

These Boys

Absolutely loving my time as a stay at home mom to my two boys. They are my everything. They keep me hopping and Emmett is so close to walking it kills me. These two are going to be best friends. They are already thick as thieves. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Little Behind Again... But That's Ok

We celebrated Bentleys birthday on August 24th. We didn't really do too much, but B was happy and that's all that mattered. 

We started off by letting B sleep in. William and I just hung out and ate breakfast and played. B got up shortly before Williams first nap. 

We went to Maddox for lunch and then to Costco. My plan was to get B a membership for his birthday, but he decided he didn't want that quite yet, so we just walked the aisles, one of Bs favorite things!

I rode in back with William all day and this is one of the only pictures we took on Bs birthday. I guess we are kind of lame!
The day before Bs birthday, we both had to work. So I stopped by his work and dropped off donuts for he and his coworkers. William is so bashful, as B was holding him he just kept folding over to hide from everyone! He's such a sweetie!
I love this little boy!
In other things, there's really not much to say other than Labor Day weekend is coming up and B has to work the sale. I'm bummed about that, but am grateful he has such a nice job. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We Have A One Year Old!!!

Here we are, 1 year and 3 days under our belts!
Below is William playing in his cupcake. I'm pretty sure he liked it!

Here is his cake and cupcake before they were cut or eaten. It wasn't anything major, just a simple and easy yellow cake.

He loved his balloons! I was a little cautious. I didn't want them to pop, but he of course was not too worried about that.

We had a very low key but very fun day.  We are so very blessed to have such a wonderful little man in our lives!

Friday, August 9, 2013

So Much Has Happened!

 We had a baby!  His name is William.  In the photo above, he was about 1 week old.  Thank you Kandice Vanecklenburg for taking those precious photos!  Well our little one is going to be a 1 year old on August 17th, one week from tomorrow....
He already has a mustache.
I love this little boy so much.  My life has forever changed for the better.  My husband and I have never been happier.  Now that there is more to remember, I hope to blog more often to keep a running log, as some day my kid(s) may like this.

Of course, it's been more than two years since I've blogged and now that I am actually trying it out again... my mind is blank.

More to come, hopefully soon...

Just know that I am really happy right now.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My First 5K

Yesterday I ran my first 5K. Though I wasn't the winner, I did finish, which was all that mattered to me. I am not a super fast runner, and as I trained (very loose use of the word 'trained'), I gauged my time to be around 40 minutes.

But I did it in 34 minutes yesterday, at least that is what the clock said as I crossed the finish line. According to my time chip it was 35, but I am sticking with 34, because it makes me feel better.

Me and a couple of my friends registered for this run. It is called The Pink 5K. It is a girl only run and benefits breast cancer.

Here is the jacket that I got for the run, I knew it as going to be cold.
Kaitlyn (one of my friends) and I had to drive from Logan down to Layton to pick up Tiffany. From there, the three of us made our way down to Alpine where the 5K was being held. I got up at like 4:35 AM yesterday to begin my journey.

After we picked up Tiffany, we stopped at McDonalds and got parfaits. It was fun. Below here is Tiffany (left) and Kaitlyn. They are the most darling girls you could ever know. I also get to have the pleasure of working with these two lil' ladies.
We had to pick our packets up before 7:45 AM. We got ours at like 7:43 AM. Pretty good timing. After that we just waited for the busses to come shuttle our butts up to the start line. You see, I did my first 5K right. It was all down hill, except for some barely up-hill spots, and believe me, I noticed the barely up-hill spots.

As we waited for the busses, we took some silly photos.
And then we were attacked by the terrible too-too's. Just kidding. But here is the get up that these gals ran in.
We thought it was so funny and we wanted a better picture of them, so I told Tiffany and Kaitlyn to get up there and I would act as if I was taking their picture in order to get the too-too ladies, and here is how well that worked! This pic just cracks me up.
Here we are on the bus, getting ready to run!
So both Kaitlyn and Tiffany are both super good at running. They finished the run in 24 minutes. Kaitlyn was #1 in her age group and Tiffany #2 in her age group. I am going to train (not loosely) and do better. I have some big running plans in my future. No marathons by any means, but more 5K's for sure. There is also a Pink 10K in Logan in August. I think I am going to do it!

Here is the shirt we got for doing this run. I always order a large for my bragging right's tee's and they always fit, except this is a shirt by Down East Outfitters.
This company makes very cute clothing, don't get me wrong, but their large is actually a small. This damn shirt should have fit me, and it does, just not in a cute way. Oh well. I won't be sporting this baby around any time soon!

After our run we went and visited B's parents. It was so good to see them even though it was a very short visit. Then we went to lunch and then shopping at the mall. We had a great day!

Thanks Tiffany and Kaitlyn!

Last night I was so tired. I had been up for way too long on way too little sleep. I still mustered up the strength to take this picture with Arnold. I love that dog!
And as for today, well B is fishing with Brett. I am thinking of going shopping as I didn't buy anything yesterday, but I may just stay home and work on my project some more. Here are some of the next pieces:

It is coming together slowly but surely. I am excited for when it is all put together and ready to be used.

Coming up, not this next weekend but in two weeks I have the Goldilocks bike ride in Herriman UT. I am going 60 miles on this one. I can't wait! It is going to be so much fun. I also have a triathlon coming up later in May. I have got to get better at swimming! I certainly hope that those tee's will fit! My goodness.

Anyway, I hope all is well with one and all!

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Someone Farted in the North West Corner at Olive Garden

The last few days have been pretty eventful. We finally busted out our carpet shampooer and got our carpets cleaned. I know that sounds like woman's work, but not in my house!
We shampooed because we were expecting some very important company. My sister and her girls stayed the night with us last Thursday into Friday, though you'd never know they did.
We had fun, I thought. We didn't do much, just lunch and cupcakes, but it was great.
After they left, into work I went. It was fun. I love the people I work with and where I work. We are a great team!

B and I had a great weekend. We had a quiet night on Friday. Saturday was also pretty relaxed. We went to Smith's Marketplace where I found some yarn for my next big project. I LOVE these colors.
I had sworn off of afghans at one point because of how time consuming they are, but I have never made an afghan that B and I kept, so I think this will be the one, if it doesn't drive me crazy in the mean time.

I love granny square afghans, but I hate tucking the tail ends of the yarn in, only to find that I didn't tuck them well enough and their ugly little heads rear their way out to say "hello dumbass, you didn't cut me correctly."

Here is what the beginnings are looking like:
And below is what all of the square's labeled (cleverly) 1. I have made 12 of them. I am now working on 2 and have to make 13 of them, but I didn't photograph what they look like. You will all see bits of this project as I get going on it.
I really do want to get going on my blanket, but I also need to get cracking on things I can make and sell for MS Tour this year. I have a lot of money that I need to earn! I will get it done!

On Sunday, B and I were bored. He asked me if I would like to go and see if we could find some carp for him to shoot (bowfish). I was a little hesitant at first, but as I broke it down in my head, it sounded better and better because the alternative was sit around and do nothing and probably get fat! So we went, and look at this...
Those little black things were moving. They were bugs of some sort, but I dunno what they are. There was tons of them all along river's edge, and these ones were in a puddle.

Here you see a horse, standing in a tire, licking his chops. He lives in the fields that are flooded right now. These fields are also the best place for getting carp.
It was crazy. The carp were spawning in the fields. When you would see one, you would see about 8 all together in a fish ball. We couldn't believe it. B told me that carp don't spawn until the water is about 65 degrees, there was no way it was that warm. It was also raining off and on throughout the day. We really didn't expect to see any, but we were wrong.

B got 7 small to medium sized ones. Our friend Brett joined us later and he got the biggest one. Here is a photo of them in a bucket, up close and personal.
When we got home, I told B to hit the road! So he packed up his most beloved belongings and left!
Just kidding. He is just throwing away the carp.

After we got everything cleaned up, B showered and then we went to Olive Garden with our friends. We had just been shown to our booth and had been sitting for no more than 5 minutes when someone farted. It was a loud fart during a quiet moment. I wanted to pin-point the offender, but couldn't. B however is much more the detective. He said he knew who it was by the sound of the fart. How funny is that. He showed us who the farter was, which of course made things much more funny!

But a fact is a fact: Someone farted in the north west corner at Olive Garden on April 17th.

B and I are lucky in another regard. We totally forgot to do our taxes. We got them done on April 18th and got them to the post office by 11:00 PM. Here is the proof:
We OWED this year! A whopping $3.00 to the state. Getting a return from the feds though!

In other things, I went to my dentist for the first time in 3 years today and not one single cavity! I am amazing! Actually, I am disgusting. I can't believe I put off my dental appointments for that long. I just forgot!

I am out of things to bore you all with so have a good night!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's Been Awhile...

Not that many will read this, as it has been eons since I have posted. I have just been so busy and so tired! But here is some of the happenings since December.

Arnold remains cuter than ever and turned 4 years old today, doesn't he just look so exhausted? It is tough being four.
In February my brother Duane turned 35 years old! Can you believe it? I asked him what he wanted for his birthday because we were going to have lunch and he said he wanted a cupcake. So I went to a local cupcake shop called 'Temptation Cupcakes' and bought these little babies:
Don't those look amazing? And they were so yummy! We had a great time. We all went to 'Five Guy Burgers' and ate and got fat!
But what a fun memory.
Below is a poor photo I took of that day, but we all still look cute!
I just like the next picture, so I had to throw it on here.
Same with this one of Gordon, I just love my puppies!
My birthday recently passed and for my birthday I put pink in my hair. Isn't that fun? I like it anyway.
For my birthday we were able to get together with my siblings and meet at Duane's for a pizza dinner and some much needed hang out time. Steve pointed out that this was the first time in over 2 years that we were all together in the same house.
Wise Steve.

Me and my sister just love each other! It wasn't always this way though...
Here we are again....
Here is all of us! I just LOVE the way that Aubrey is looking at Steve. She definitely has something devious in mind!
Here is my B! He recently just got over Swine flu. He didn't have it in this photo, but the darned idiot went out and got himself sick, and even though I was vaccinated, I got sick too. Not nearly as sick as him! I never fevered. Just got all the coughs and congestion.
I am so glad that he is feeling better. I sure do love him!
The next photo is great. Our dog Arnold has never traveled well. He always wigs out and gets nervous on the car rides that we take. When we went down to Duane's for the birthday bash, I had the forethought to put his favorite plush toy (an oversized sheep) in the car with him. Here is how he rode home for the first hour in the car:
Gordon rides so chill and kicked back:
And as we had only 40 minutes left in our ride, this is how Arnold finished out:
Our puppy has a wooby!

In other things. I have finally quit Terrace Grove. I am so happy to be done. I am full time with Integrity Home Health and Hospice. It is a great job with it's own set of challenges, but a definite step up from Terrace Grove.

I miss some of the people that I used to work with but not many. So much drama there.

I have signed up for a lot of fun races and rides this year, I can't wait. I was unable to really train for them this last week because I was sick, but I am gonna get back into that tomorrow.

I know that I have cut a lot of things out that we have been up to lately, but I honestly can't think of anything else to blog about at the moment. Besides if I blog about EVERYTHING you all will get so bored.

Will try to do better with future blogs!