Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Someone Farted in the North West Corner at Olive Garden

The last few days have been pretty eventful. We finally busted out our carpet shampooer and got our carpets cleaned. I know that sounds like woman's work, but not in my house!
We shampooed because we were expecting some very important company. My sister and her girls stayed the night with us last Thursday into Friday, though you'd never know they did.
We had fun, I thought. We didn't do much, just lunch and cupcakes, but it was great.
After they left, into work I went. It was fun. I love the people I work with and where I work. We are a great team!

B and I had a great weekend. We had a quiet night on Friday. Saturday was also pretty relaxed. We went to Smith's Marketplace where I found some yarn for my next big project. I LOVE these colors.
I had sworn off of afghans at one point because of how time consuming they are, but I have never made an afghan that B and I kept, so I think this will be the one, if it doesn't drive me crazy in the mean time.

I love granny square afghans, but I hate tucking the tail ends of the yarn in, only to find that I didn't tuck them well enough and their ugly little heads rear their way out to say "hello dumbass, you didn't cut me correctly."

Here is what the beginnings are looking like:
And below is what all of the square's labeled (cleverly) 1. I have made 12 of them. I am now working on 2 and have to make 13 of them, but I didn't photograph what they look like. You will all see bits of this project as I get going on it.
I really do want to get going on my blanket, but I also need to get cracking on things I can make and sell for MS Tour this year. I have a lot of money that I need to earn! I will get it done!

On Sunday, B and I were bored. He asked me if I would like to go and see if we could find some carp for him to shoot (bowfish). I was a little hesitant at first, but as I broke it down in my head, it sounded better and better because the alternative was sit around and do nothing and probably get fat! So we went, and look at this...
Those little black things were moving. They were bugs of some sort, but I dunno what they are. There was tons of them all along river's edge, and these ones were in a puddle.

Here you see a horse, standing in a tire, licking his chops. He lives in the fields that are flooded right now. These fields are also the best place for getting carp.
It was crazy. The carp were spawning in the fields. When you would see one, you would see about 8 all together in a fish ball. We couldn't believe it. B told me that carp don't spawn until the water is about 65 degrees, there was no way it was that warm. It was also raining off and on throughout the day. We really didn't expect to see any, but we were wrong.

B got 7 small to medium sized ones. Our friend Brett joined us later and he got the biggest one. Here is a photo of them in a bucket, up close and personal.
When we got home, I told B to hit the road! So he packed up his most beloved belongings and left!
Just kidding. He is just throwing away the carp.

After we got everything cleaned up, B showered and then we went to Olive Garden with our friends. We had just been shown to our booth and had been sitting for no more than 5 minutes when someone farted. It was a loud fart during a quiet moment. I wanted to pin-point the offender, but couldn't. B however is much more the detective. He said he knew who it was by the sound of the fart. How funny is that. He showed us who the farter was, which of course made things much more funny!

But a fact is a fact: Someone farted in the north west corner at Olive Garden on April 17th.

B and I are lucky in another regard. We totally forgot to do our taxes. We got them done on April 18th and got them to the post office by 11:00 PM. Here is the proof:
We OWED this year! A whopping $3.00 to the state. Getting a return from the feds though!

In other things, I went to my dentist for the first time in 3 years today and not one single cavity! I am amazing! Actually, I am disgusting. I can't believe I put off my dental appointments for that long. I just forgot!

I am out of things to bore you all with so have a good night!


Nickie said...

I loved this post. I wish I could have been at the Olive Garden that night-heck, I wish I could have been the farter at the Olive Garden.
I need to post my pictures of us at the cupcake place...I'm still trying to figure that one out with my phone and stuff-you know what a retard I am...they are super cute though.
London keeps talking about Chic fillet with you and Uncle B, I knew they would love that place!
Got Jeezus on my neck-a-luss uss uss.

hillary said...

At Olive Garden, did they ask you if you wanted to eat outside....and did you ask how warm it was out there?

I marvel at your exciting life, and wish I was partying with you guys more often. Maybe this summer....

Plus, did Heed shampoop your carpets cause he's the "expert" at it? He could mosy on down to Santaquin with that shampooper if he felt like it. LOVEs

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Wow, am I behind. This was a great post, I feel like we've had a visit. My fav photo is the one of your scrunched face at the race. How funny you are, dear girl. You are consistent, thank you for that. For always being happy. Well, probably you are not always happy but mostly. I live with un-mostlies some times. I might even be an un-mostly myself.

Surely there is some use for those carp. It looked like B had a crime scene bag.

Are you a Dish customer. There's a new series on Friday nights called Torchwood that was pretty interesting.

Hugs and kisses to you!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

PS I just went back to your site and The First Noel was playing. Don't you know that it's illegal to play Christmas songs until AFTER Halloween. Thanks for your compliance.