Thursday, September 23, 2010

Perhaps I Just NEED to Vent!

So I knew that working three jobs would be a little bit insane. I was just not expecting this.

On Tuesday I started at my third job and they told me that they would call me and tell me where to go for training today, as I would be training on actual home health visits. I told them that I could start seeing patients at 2:00 PM and they said that they would just tell me where to be at 2:00 when they called.

I received no phone call.

So I showed up at the office of my new job at 2:20 because I didn't know what else to do. Right upon walking in I was talked to as if I were just to know to show there. I did some over the phone training with a very sweet gal who just assumed I was in the loop.

Apparently I was assigned a patient today, and I needed to be to her place like 20 minutes before showing up at the office. Hmmm, I was just a little aggravated. I explained to the sweet girl that I was told nothing. She understood. While talking with her she informed me that I needed to pass off on how to draw blood... ON MY NEW BOSS!!! Just a little bit intimidating.

All these things could have been mentioned and better planned out on Tuesday, but what do I know? I am just the new person.

After having gotten off of the phone, I then was informed of another patient with a blood draw order that I would need to go and see. Of course I couldn't do this until drawing my bosses blood.

Luckily, I got my boss on the first stick with a completely retarded blood collection kit. Then I was sent up the hall from my office to do a blood draw and an assessment. Of course all of areas assessed on the patient need to be charted on a document that is entirely foreign to me. I did my best, but boy do I feel dumb.

First patient, able to get a flash of blood, but the darn vein kept rolling. After my 3rd attempt, I threw in the towel on the blood draw. I did the assessment, but I know I will need some corrections made, at least I would expect it.

2nd Patient.
Went to her apartment which is at Terrace Grove, where I work most of the time. Of course her granddaughter is there, and she didn't have to leave, she decided to stay.
No pressure right?

Assessed, got the blood. Turned blood in to the correct lab, but I was 15 minutes after the doctors are not in their offices. Darn it!

I will get to follow up on that blood draw tomorrow at Terrace Grove, which will be good. But my goodness, whatever happened to my training? I just got thrown in which I suppose is good, but I also should have been done at 4:30 PM, didn't finish until 5:30 PM, Don't know how to bill out all of my time to get paid for it all, and I missed my 5:15 PM workout.

Things are going to get better, right?

I know they will, starting new things is just so hard sometimes!

Oh yeah, then I called my sister to vent and... my phone died.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Must be Crazy!

So I got a third job. Blog posts will be few and far between, but I will post.
I hope all is well with everybody!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hat Season and School!

Things here in Smithfield have been pretty chilly and wet! I am both excited for fall to come and sad to see summer leave. Oh well.
Lately things have been going just fine. I love this time of year because it is time to make hats for winter! I love to do this. B wants me to sell them, and I am happy to do so, but I don't have a lot of people asking for them.
Nonetheless, they are a blast to make.
Here are my latest:
I was really excited about the brown and green hat, but I made it a bit too small. I will have to find a friend with a small head to have this one. It looks like a swim cap on me!
This pink and green beauty is the perfect size. I do think that having both a ball and a flower is a bit much, but what do you think? It is cute either way, but I think one or the other... not both!
The little pink number above was made for my friend to give to her friend who is having a baby girl. I love the big ball on top. It turned out very cute!

I plan on making many more hats!

School is going wonderfully! I am so very grateful for my stepmom Bonnie who loaned me some money to pay for my tuition. Thank you Bonnie!

My class, excuse me, my LAST class before I get my bachelors degree is called Children in the Middle Years. I have only 2 books. Here is one of them:
I have to write 4 reflection papers on this book. I think I may post the true reflections on my blog. My other is a boring text book. So far, the 'Best Friends, Worst Enemies' is not so bad. There are some stupid analogies, but oh well.

Funny story that kind of relates to my book. I was reading it last night as I was waiting for an aerobics class to end, my class was next. As I sat there reading, other girls began to show up for the 7:30 PM Hip Hop class. 3 in particular sat close to me. They began to talk as if I wasn't there, of course, I listened in from time to time.

It came out in their conversation that one of them was the instructor. She said to the her friends "It is kind of a drag to come here on Wednesday nights and hang out with a bunch of people who can't dance." I glanced up from my book, then went right back to reading.

I paid no attention to my book after that because all of my insecurities about the fact that I can't dance were hot on my mind. I started to reassure myself that I could just fit in amongst the crowd and she wouldn't know that I would be that person who couldn't dance.

Well, including her two friends, there were 7 of us there. So much for blending in. I thought several times to just abandon ship. I stuck it out though. I am so glad I did. I laughed at myself and I had a blast! Oh and I learned a new hip hop routine! It is a way cute dance and I was able to do it. Not as quick as the other 6 girls who showed up, all of them younger than me and all of them with little hot bodies. On second thought, I guess I did blend in!

Well that is my life for now. Hope you all are doing good!