Sunday, December 5, 2010

People: Either You Love Them or You Hate Them, Today... I LOVE THEM!

Today has been a pretty good day. B and I got a lot of stuff done that really needed to be done. But there is definitely a unique story about today.

I had a home health visit this morning at a facility in the valley. B dropped me off for my visit and went to run an errand while I was tending to my patient. I finished what I was doing about 5 minutes before B got back to pick me up. So I waited in the lobby of said facility.

I had not been there long when I was joined by a young man, perhaps in his mid-twenties. He had some sort of social deficit. I am not saying this to be judgmental by any means... you just need to read on, in fact, to give the best picture, I will type up our conversation.

Man: How are you?

Me: I am good'nd you?

Man: Not so good.

Me: Bummer... (not wanting to pry, so I looked at the Christmas tree). Man I need to get my tree up.

Man: I had a doctors appointment.

Me: Oh... so... good news or bad?

Man: Bad.


(awkward silence)

Man: (quietly) I have a rash.

It was at that point that B arrived in the parking lot. I don't recall what my reaction to this poor man was, it wasn't mean, I just can't remember what I said. I told B that story as soon as I got into the car and he laughed right out loud.

And that is the reason that I love people today. Yeah, it was kind of creepy. It was also really funny. It takes all kinds to keep the world spinnin' right?

Love to you all!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Must be the LUCKIEST Person Ever!!!!

I say I am the luckiest person ever, and I mean this in only a greedy sense of it. The above image is that of 5 MILLION DOLLARS! That is right! On November 24th I received a phone call from a gentleman who could not even pronounce my name. He called from a completely valid phone number of 876-597-1737 and told me that not only had I won 5 mill, but also a Mercedes Benz!

I am POSITIVE that they would have awarded me with the Mercedes that is pictured above. But then something inside my head stopped me from accepting... the world stopped spinning and I just thought:

Though I normally do TOTALLY trust people with major accents and difficulty saying my name... something in my gut told me that there just might be something fishy here. So I hung up on him and told him to take my name off of his calling list.

It was too good to be true, right?

I mean the voice at the other end, so soothing, so convincing... I have really been kicking myself for not accepting these gifts (for a very small fee, so I was told).

BUT WAIT! Could it be? Another opportunity to receive yet another wonderful and extravagant prize? This is just amazing. Opportunity has come knocking!

Today, I received a call from: 876-422-5768. A warmth came over me as I heard the soothing voice of a man with a thick accent who again mispronounced my name. My winnings today? Just a mere $200,000.00 and a LAME Lincoln Navigator 2010.

I am sure that this is the Lincoln that would be coming my way.
At the beginning of our conversation, the sexy accent on the other end of the phone was named Mike Bond. Mid-way through the conversation, his name miraculously changed to John McCoy. Oh this smooth talker was soooooooo convincing. Mr. Mike-Bond-John-McCoy told me he retrieved my information from the local Walmart that I shop at. He was floored that I had received NONE of the mailed notifications of my winnings. All things aside, I was given a simple list of instructions. All that is required of me is to pay a small fee, confirm that there was more than $1,000.00 in my bank account and confirm that I was indeed a U.S. citizen. Simple right?

Oh my gosh, I am so irritated. I hung up on Mike-Bond-John-McCoy once promising to report him, and he called back. Just for the hell of it, I answered again... and threatened again... and hung up again. Well, he called me back AGAIN. I did not answer the last time. I did report him to the local Walmart where I shop. I have also reported the number to some phonephishing site. I just don't feel like this is enough. There are plenty of people getting swindled out of their money, and this upsets me greatly.

PLEASE don't answer calls from the following numbers:

These are all I have for now. I know that the men with accents are really easy for the ladies to fall for, but DON'T DO IT! I didn't and I just wish there was more that I could do to take these butt heads down. I am at a loss of what to do. If anyone has any advice of how I can take this to another level I would be grateful!

Other than all of my winnings lately, things are going well. I hope that is the case with ya'll!