Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We are just boring people.
Look at my poor boring dog.
Just bored, bored, bored.
I believe we both have to work this weekend.
Work is going fine.
We hired the crank caller as he is a fabulous nurse.
Perhaps tomorrow there will be something interesting to blog about.
Probably not as I am just going to work and then picking up dog poo afterward.
That's all I have for you.

Friday, November 14, 2008

A Few Halloween Photos

So I do happen to have a couple of photos taken from Halloween night that I am able to post.
The first one is actually quite hilarious.
My neighbor Bero was dressed up as a pimp.
He bought a curly wig and a jogging suit and all kinds of pimp accessories.
As we waited to go to the party, he began to play with B's iphoto on his computer.
He and his wife Biker Chic took some pretty darn funny photos.
The one below is the one that I like the most.
It makes me laugh out loud every time I see it.
He reminds me of an overweight five-year-old child that likes to bully other kids.
Now I cannot remember if I told you all what B dressed as this year for Halloween.
He was dressed up as an old man.
I went to the D.I. and picked out some old man clothes.
We even were able to get a walker out of storage from my work so he had a prop.
He would not pose with the prop however.
People at the party that we went to thought that he was a real old man.
Everyone kept asking:
"Who brought the creepy old guy?"
That's no old guy, that's my baby!!!
He had so much fun!
We both did.
I was dying at how many people really thought that he was an elderly person.
As we walked up to the house for the party, B was haulin' with the walker.
That was perhaps the highlight of my night of seeing him in his costume.
He is so darn funny.
He makes me laugh almost everyday!
Well people, I can see my future, and the future is GOOD LOOKIN'!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So I have promised pictures and failed to deliver!
You can kick me next time you see me!
The Halloween pictures are on our neighbors camera and they are too big to send via email, so we will have to wait a bit longer, Christmas perhaps!
I do need to take pictures of my house, B's truck, and my cute stinky dogs!
Here is the low down as of late:
B and I are playing online poker, which sounds kind of lame, but it is a blast.  We play with a lot of people that are all around the world and we get to make comments to the people that sit at the table with us and it is hilarious.
We just play with fake money and I am really an okay player, but man oh man, if I had real money I fear that B and I would be in a bit of a pickle.
I am pretty much certain that my day job is here to stay!
I think I went through quite a bit of a depression spell when I was switching my sleeping patterns so rapidly.  I fear that I annoyed some friends and family by going through this absolute funk.  To all of you I must say:
And I am back to normal....for the most part!
I am thrilled that my little sis-in-law has started a blog.
I don't have a code name for her yet.
Let's think of one.
How about....
Too much?
I guess it is a bit excessive, even silly perhaps.
Okay, we'll just call her Razz for now, unless she requests a better name.
Beware Razz, for I will blog stalk you!
Also to update:
I took another test in pathophysiology and I feel as if I got in the 90% area!
Go Me!
I guess that is it for now!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Not Much

Hey, still no Halloween pictures and no truck pictures.
I swear I will do this.
Not too much going on these days.  I have finally let reality set in and accepted that my day job is back and it is not going anywhere for the next few weeks.
Or so I am told.
B has been forced to take more evening shifts at his work too so that his boss is not paying all of his managerial type employees to be in the store at the same time.
Makes sense I guess.
The economy is not even as bad as it has been in way long ago and it has already managed to kick my butt and tick me off.  I just need to remember that things could always be way worse.
I need to be happy for what I do have.
Anyway, not too much to say at the moment.
More creative posts are a comin' I swear it!