Monday, August 30, 2010

Some Wonderful People who are GREAT Friends!

This weekend was very memorable. We had a great time. On Friday, we hung out with Brett and Stacey. We ate dinner and that was about it. Called it a night after dinner.

On Saturday B and I were worthless. I got up and did my visit and then I came home. We just watched programs all day. We drove into town once, and then came home and fiddled with the watering device in our front bushes. After that we watched a movie called 'Adventureland'. I loved it. It was pretty darn funny.

Sunday was absolutely wonderful. We reconnected with our friends Bryan and Stacy Hansen. We haven't seen them since like 2007. It was so nice to reconnect. They are the type of friends where, even though 3 years had passed, we took up right where we left off, as if only a week had passed.

We had lunch at The Beehive Grill. It is actually owned by the Moab Brewery and should have been called that as well, but the owners understand that Cache Valley citizens would most likely not support a business with the word 'brewery' in it.
(I learned that fun fact today!)
We didn't take photos in the restaurant as we were eating, drinking and catching up. It was so nice to see them. They have a 2 month old baby girl named Ada. I feel like she looks just like her dad. She and Bryan have the same eyes, in my opinion. B says, 'she looks just like a baby'. He is so funny. I love that man.

Below is a great photo of me lovin' on Ada. When I finally got the guts to hold her, she was a little cranky, but still adorable nonetheless.
She eventually warmed up to me and we snapped this photo that I didn't rotate before blogging. I even got her smilin' a little bit... okay, it was probably Stacy who got her to smile. She is a doll!
Then B got the guts to hold her and just look at how cute they are!
AND... he liked holding her too! That smile is proof positive of him liking it!
We wanted a photo of all of us together, so we tried out our timer. In this first pic, there was no flash due to the windows behind us. Oh... and my big fat head got in B's way. He mentioned this as we were waiting for the timer. We all laughed and laughed!
Take two... better, but still awkward.
Our neighbor Stacey (of Brett and Stacey) was kind enough to come over and take this much better photo of all of us!
Stacy and Bryan, we had a wonderful time with you guys and cannot wait to see you again!
We love you guys!

After they left, Stacey (neighbor) stayed and we watched 'To Catch a Predator' that show on MSNBC. Those guys are creepy! That was fun.

Today has been interesting. It started out just fine. I got up and went to work my 12 hour shift. All was well until about 11:00. My kidneys started to ache and I started to chill, no fever though. I went home early and have had a pain pill and a heating pad on and am feeling much better, but that was really odd. I am sure that I am fine... but I thought I would tell you my odd illness.

Things are great... hope they are great with everyone else!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


August 24th was a great day. We celebrated two birthdays: B's and Gordon's. We had a lot of fun. I went and did my home health visit. When I got home, I wrapped B's presents and set them up on the counter... no... I didn't take a photo... but you will not be let down... this post is still full of photos!

The dogs had hair cut's scheduled and just look at how handsome they are!
While the dogs were at their appointment, B and I ran some errands. This included going to USU and getting me set up for fall semester. We now just need to scrounge up tuition money. It is such a good feeling to be getting my degree done!

After that, we picked up the pups and went home. We did some laundry and B did some boring office work. We were just killin' time until our neighbors Brett and Stacey got home. They were at work and we wanted to go to dinner with them. Once they got home the adventure began.

Below is a photo I took of B once we got in the car. Girls ride up front and boys in the back. I thought this photo was funny!
We then just started to take photos of random people. Though the photo below may look innocent and random, there is a funny story.
The people in the car are strangers to us. They didn't notice us until the flash of the camera. We were all laughing, and then Stacey noticed that the dude in the back was angry and mouthed the phrase "what is wrong with you guys?" at her in an angry/mad face.
This made us laugh more, which in turn upset them more. Oh well.

The photo below is of Brent, a Cache Valley cycling icon. He is mentally challenged, but very accomplished and independent. He worked at USU for about 30 years and can still be seen riding his bike, all throughout the valley, ALL year long. We like Brent. He was the torch bearer in 2002 when the Olympic torch came through Logan. Brent makes your day when he honks his bike horn, smiles and waves at you.
And now... the birthday dinner!

We went to Happy Sushi. It is yummy and expensive... but most importantly... yummy.
Below is the Sake we ordered. How cute are those little cups and that little poorer?
Here we all are, so happy!
Here is our pretty sushi! All of it was fantastic, and that even includes the yellow tail (chef's choice) and the albacore tuna that are on the far right. That is considered the real sushi, not in a roll. I was apprehensive to try it at first, but it was indeed good. The tuna had more flavor. ALL of the rolls were fantastic!
Below here is the noodles we ordered and split. They were super good as well! (Super Good!)
The after dinner photos start now! Below is B and Brett. I just love those guys!
We stopped at Sweetly Divine (a pastry shop) to get dessert on the way home. Below is the cannoli's. I love those, and that is what I got. The finger belongs to Brett.
This is just a view of some of the many divine treats you can eat at this yummy shop. They are super good! Right Hillary?... Super Good!
On the way home B decided to take a photo of my head.
I then turned and smiled at the camera. Not my best photo, but good enough!
The birthday was fabulous. We had a blast. Our friends Brett and Stacey really are some of the best friends we have. It is so nice to have such wonderful people to share your life with. I just love them!

Now, onto today. I went to work (of course). I worked 13 hours today. After clocking out, I went to the gym and did Zumba! Stacey came with me. We had a lot of fun. I have noticed though, my skin on the underside of my foot is having a hard time toughening up.
I have literally danced my skin off!
Totally worth it!

Hope all is well with one and all!

Monday, August 23, 2010

What We Are Up To

So I lied... below is the only photo I took of MS Tour. This is after the race and once we got back to our car. We were riding up to the car and I told B "We've got to get at least one photo!" So we did.
I have been kind of a butt hole lately when it comes to taking photos. I didn't take one single photo of my brothers and their families when they were up here that weekend either. I just have been a nit wit.

Instead, I never miss a photo opportunity when it comes to bacon!
Yeah, I cooked turkey bacon yesterday and didn't burn it at all. We made savory breakfast sandwiches and boy were they yummy.
We made them again today and they were even better.

In my little world of crochet, below is a dinosaur that I made a while back. This is not my pattern. I have a blast finding other peoples patterns and botching the work to my best abilities!
Here is a black and white dog, much like my brown and... uh... brown dog! A sweet little lady that I take care of has ordered one of these dogs. I have got to get hoppin' on makin' it!
So now it is time for you to be prepare of a bloody carp fish photo. I have not blogged this and B caught this big fish back in like June or something. He is a big ol' fatty.
Look at that fish!
And again.
I put these here now because I have got to brag about B. He is so wonderful! I wish he knew that to it's full extent. He and our friend Brett are quite a pair. They were going bow fishing quite a bit at the beginning of the summer, but then, we got busy and bow fishing got put on the back burner. At least they were able to catch this big fella before they stopped going.

I love B's face in the pic where he is holding this big fish up by a rope. He is such a cutie!

It is B's birthday tomorrow. He is going to be 31. All morning long so far I have been pinching him, tickling him, bugging him and telling him that it is the last time I get to do this to a 30 year old. He just laughs it off. He is one in a million.
I am a lucky lady.

Right now, we have no idea of what we are gonna do for birthday celebration, but something fun!

It was also my friend Stacey's birthday on Friday (the 20th). We went out for appetizers and drinks at Cafe Sabor, then it was our first time with sushi for dinner. We went to Happy Sushi. Luckily Brett, Stacey's husband, has eaten there before and he is quite daring with sushi. He even ordered the real stuff, not just a roll.
We really do have a wonderful friendship in Brett and Stacey. They are fabulous people of which I am so happy to know.

We are also looking forward to seeing our long time friends Bryan and Stacey. They live in Escalante now and have been friends with us for quite a while. They have a new baby girl named Ada. She is absolutely beautiful! We are hopefully going to get to see them this coming weekend. I can't wait! I will bring my camera and I WILL take photos!

Other than that, life is pretty good. It is boring, but that is good.
I should be starting up with school again here pretty quick. Cross your fingers and hope that I get into the RN program, I am applying in September! Holy Moly, that is soon!

Love you all!

Monday, August 16, 2010


So here's to catching up!

MS Tour

The MS tour was fabulous! We had an absolute blast! B and I rode the whole ride together and just enjoyed each others company. He is so wonderful. I am amazed at how he is able to put up with me and all of my bull crap.

I really do love the MS tour, and it is a fantastic cause... but I HATE the inconsiderate riders, and believe me, when you ride with that many cyclists, people are very inconsiderate! Still a blast and it was still a fantastic day!

Sorry, no pics!


So the weekend after the MS tour, B and I had the opportunity to go to Las Vegas with our neighbors Brett and Stacey. They are some of the most wonderful people in the world! We love them so very much.

We left from Smithfield at like 6:00 PM on July 1st and got there at like 1:00 AM on July 2nd. We stayed with some of Stacey's relatives off of the strip in an absolutely AMAZING house. The estate was worth like 5 million $$$. It was amazing. And yes, I do need to be shot... we didn't take one picture. We should have.

Stacey's relatives are so very nice. We enjoyed their company entirely. We hit the strip pretty much every night we were there, except for the 4th, which was a shame because I bet there were some kick a$$ fireworks!

B and Brett played Craps. B and I lost money, but one of the nights we did start to make a come back, still came back to Utah with less money than when we started with. Didn't matter though, we went to play!

Post Vegas

We lit some illegal fireworks on the 24th for Pioneer day. That was fun, and they were amazing!

The latest highlight... B's sister Hillary (yogurt flavored) came up with her sweet husband Max. They stayed the first weekend of August with us. We don't have an extra bed, so poor lil' pregnant Hil' had to sleep on our couch, which was not super comfortable for a 6 month pregnant lady!

We absolutely loved having them here. I wish they lived closer to us. We had a great time.
We went out to eat, more than we should have. We played some Nazi Zombies, and we lit off more illegals. Though it needs to be noted that Hillary did not participate and ANY illegal activity.

We love you guys and hope you come again!

This last week, we have washed B's truck and worked. Oh I trimmed our bushes out front. They look super good!

This is a small update. I will blog again soon and I will start figuring out how to use my camera again!

Upcoming Events

I may go run a 7 mile stint with my sister on Sept. 18. I am gonna die. Must start training 2 weeks ago for that!

I also (haven't told B about this yet) have planned a potential trip to Boise (where photos will be taken) for later in October!


I WILL blog more!
I promise!

I now must get back to my entirely-too-scary-to-play-by-myself-game: BioShock... gulp... yikes!