Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dear Lynne


Friday, August 29, 2008


Today my baby wore sunblock.
It was a much better day for us all.
Mainly for B.

My day was pretty darn good too.  I had a good day at work.  The LPN students started their nursing clinicals today and I had a student.  She was very good.
It was interesting how much my bosses had to say about how valuable I am to them in front of a student and their teacher.

Hmmm, I never knew they even liked me!!

My text books for school came today.  They look like they're gonna be good reads.  In fact I believe they were recommended by Oprah.
Understanding Pathophysiology 4th Ed., and Short Story Writers 7th Ed.
I am not sure if the second one is actually titled so.

My neighbor and I have began to bike the Smithfield Canyon next to our neighborhood every night.  It is a tough feet.  Tonight we actually made it to the end.  My seat was even not placed very well, so my climb up the canyon was an absolute hellish ride, but I did it!

B rode with us tonight.  He kicked our A's all the way up.  He is a much more advanced biker and just overall stronger.  Poor B got a flat tire on our way back.  Luckily I had packed my cell phone in my under the saddle pack and we were able to call my neighbors husband.

I have not yet picked code names for my cute lil' neighbors.
Hmmm, let's see.  
We shall name my girlie neighbor Peatree, as she had a praying mantis named Peatree in her bedroom when she was growing up that would eat all of the other gross bugs.  Sadly Peatree met an untimely and sad squashing death.  We can now keep Peatree alive through her.
Hmmm, now for her husband.
We shall name him Bero.  He saved B after his tire became flattened tonight, he is B's hero, hence Bero.
Our neighbors are absolutely fabulous people.  We are so glad to live next to them.
Well, I have an early morning so I really must get to bed.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

B Got a SunBurn, All I Got was a Dead Grasshopper!

So B's work is having a Labor Day/Tent Sale event.  Being a tent sale, it is outside.  Today was the first day of the tent sale.  B thought ahead and wore a hat.  B did not think ahead and did not wear sun block.
Now B has the best hat burn ever.  Below is the best picture I could take of the hat burn.
Arnold, the sweet lil' thing forced me to make the dogs get hair cuts.  Last saturday my two mutts were dropped of at Petsmart to correct the beard cut I had given Arnold.
We get raw hide chews for the dogs and they just love to demolish as much of them as they can in as little time as possible.  
Well Arnold, who used to have a fantastic beard, chewed and chewed and chewed his rawhide and got a matt in his beard that got the bottom portion mixed into the top portion, thus inhibiting him from opening his mouth at full capacity.
So I being the brilliant dog owner that I am, had attempted to comb out the matts, however, I was very unsuccessful.  So finally, I was frustrated as was Arnold, so I got the scissors and cut them out.  Once I started I couldn't stop.  The matts just kept getting deeper and there were so many!
So I tried to even out his beard on the other side because he just looked silly.  By that time he just looked even more dumb.  So I called Petsmart to schedule their appointments and explained the issue to the pet groomer.
When we got to Petsmart the groomer asked which one was the one with the beard issue.  I replied "you tell me".  She looked at the dogs and just started to laugh.
Anyway, the groomer fixed Arnold and now he has no beard.  But he still looks cute! 
He is just a little camera shy.
Having put a picture of Arnold in I had to post one of Gordon too.  As hard as it was to get a picture of Arnold alone, I couldn't seem to keep him out of the frame to get one of Gordon alone too.  Oh those dogs are so darn cute!!
So now to the dead grasshopper part of my title.
I had the day off today and when I have the day off I just try to do some house stuff, homework, workout, but most of all, play with the dogs.  Today we rough housed a little bit and then we spent some time outside.  I was just sitting on our back steps watching the dogs jump on the grasshoppers.  All the sudden Arnold had his nose to the ground and his butt in the air and his tail was just a waggin'.  He had successfully picked up a grasshopper in his mouth.
After having picked it up, chewed, and spitting it out a few times, he realized the grasshopper was dead.
He then gingerly walked over to me and tried to get me to take the grasshopper from him.  I absolutely hate grasshoppers and instructed him to take the thing back out into the yard.  He placed it on the grass as close to the cement as he could.  I was gonna take a picture and post it, but when I went back out the grasshopper was gone.
Perhaps he wasn't dead after all and just played dead while we were out there.
I dunno though.  That's my dog!
Below is just a cute pic of B and Gordon.  In the back is all the laundry I have yet to do!
Man oh Man.  Here we also can see more of our lovely furniture.  Don't ya wish you could see the whole thing?  Well, come on up!
So lately there really hasn't been too much to talk about.
I started school on Monday.  Ho hum.  Anyway, it will be an easy semester.  I am only enrolled in two courses.  One is Pathophysiology and that is every Monday night in Brigham City.  The other is an English course that I have to take in order to fulfill my Depth Arts Humanities requirement.  It is an online course and is seeming to be pretty darn easy.  I think it is just reading and answering questions in essay format.  No tests in that course.  My Patho class has a few tests but most are group tests.  Just the final and the mid-term are not group.  But that is okay.  I think I will do fine.

Work has been work.  I have the mother of all DON's (director of nursing).  She is a woman in her fifties I think and one of those people who talks just to talk.  She will act as though she is listening to you and then dismiss everything you may have said just to get her own agenda across.  Oh ya, and she wears nothing but white scrubs.  Every now and then she throw on a pair of maroon scrubs, but usually it is nothing but white.
I really shouldn't rip on her, but it is clear to me that she doesn't like me.  I made a suggestion to her the other day about beefing back up on our aides hours as we have cut them back due to not being at full capacity.  She snapped back "well if I could have looked into my crystal ball then I would have known not to have changed the CNA hours in the first place".  Meow meow.  That's the last suggestion that I will ever make.

The latest and greatest:  IT WAS B'S BIRTHDAY!!!
I got him some tools, that he had to pick out cause I have no idea.  I also got him an outfit that he actually likes, I think, at least he hasn't taken it back yet.  I also got him a new office chair.  Hopefully this new chair will support his back better so he can get more office stuff done.
On the day of his birthday we went to a movie call Pineapple Express.  It is a pretty funny movie.  It is not for everybody though.  We sure enjoyed it.
My baby turned 29 years old.  I sure do love him.

Friday, August 15, 2008

So I Took a Little Break, Sue Me!

So things have been a little bit busy, and a little bit boring.
We received our new furniture, and there are a few of you chumps out there who think I should post pictures of it on my blog.
Well, these next two pictures are for you!
So pretty and so comfortable!
I bet you all thought you would be able to see the perfect new couch/love seat/chair/ottomans!
NO WAY, NO HOW! If you really wanna see it, you have to come and visit!
An interesting story occurred with us with this furniture.
B hurt his back while moving the furniture, and he has since been out of full 100% working commission.
We have gone down to the Intermountain Spinal Institute in Salt Lake City.  They gave him some medicines to try and ruled out a fracture.
B goes back to the Spine place next week, where I imagine they will do an MRI.
As a result of his hurt back, B was unable to ride the ULCER ride with me.
Delaware stepped up to the plate and rode in his place, what a pal! Below is a picture of my fine physique with my bicycle.
Below here is Delaware.  We got two pictures of him because I didn't get the full bike in the first picture.
Turns out I still didn't get the full bike in the second picture below either.
Oh well, isn't he cute!?!
We had an absolute blast.  I was so glad to have been able to get him to ride with me.  B's sister-in-law, whom we'll call Busy Body also rode in ULCER, so either way I would have had someone to ride with, but I know that I would have slowed Busy Body down.  She truly is a busy woman.  I have absolutely no idea how she fits all that she does into each and every day.
Busy Body certainly does impress me, and makes me look like a big ol' lazy slob in the process.

So Last Night:

I failed to get pictures, however, B's parents (Pop and Mop) took us to Brian Regan.  He is a super funny comedian.  We laughed and laughed all night.
That was their birthday present to B.  B will be 29 years old on August 24th.  He still cannot believe how old he is.  Having hurt his back he moves around like an old man, so now I tell him 'Get movin' old man.'
Anyway, the show was hilarious.  The weather was perfect.  I suggest that if any body ever have the chance to see Brian Regan that they go.  We had an absolute blast.

I also got to see my sister-in-law (B's sister) whom we will call Yogurt Flavored.  I simply do not get to see this woman enough.  We talked about flab, not ours of course being that we are both in peak physical condition.  We just were able to catch up.  
Yogurt Flavored told me all about her peeping tom neighbors.  Hmm, creepy.  I guess anything goes in Utah County.

Anyway, this will have to do for now.  I will try to be a better blogger in the future.
Yogurt Flavored should be able to comment on my blog now as I have changed some things up, I think!