Monday, September 15, 2008

No Pictures, But a Post Nonetheless!

Things in Smithfield have been pretty darn normal as of late!  Not too much to write home to, but I thought of some things to update you with.  Biker Chic and I are still riding the canyon most nights, it is getting easier, which we NEVER thought would happen.
We are doing good though.
Recently our neighbors and I have started doing home cooked dinners together every Sunday.
Okay so we have only done it on the last two Sundays, but it is really filling a void that I have felt in my life for some time.
Growing up our family ALWAYS did Sunday dinners together.  When Mom was alive and healthy she ALWAYS threw a roast in the crock pot, which I hated and would only eat with a lot of ketchup and a lot of salt.
She would put carrots and potatoes in there too, and those veggies ALWAYS ended up tasting like the roast and therefore were never eaten by me.
I never realized how much I missed those bonding dinner nights.  Nor did I realize that they were bonding nights at all.
Until now.
Now that my neighbors, Bero and Biker Chic, as well as Mr. and Mrs. Toilet Paper (the people we papered in the blog a few below), are doing these Sunday night meals I find myself looking forward to Sunday nights.  We always have a lot of fun.
After we toilet papered Mr. and Mrs. Toilet Paper, they got the fever for papering someone as well.  Well, on the last Saturday that just passed, we T.P.'d again.  84 roles worth!
No camera this time, but we did a fantastic job.
The funniest thing about it was that we started at like 9:45 PM on a well-lit street.  We had to paper early because I had to be to work on Sunday by 5:00 AM.
Look out, we are on a rampage, you may be next....HAHAHAHA!
Well anyway, there still is not too much else to talk about.
Work is still work, but overall, life is great!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Soo, the Plant Died

So after Dad's funeral, we were all able to take some of the flowers/plants home with us.  I chose to keep the flowers that my work sent for me and I also chose a pretty plant in a basket.
I am unsure who sent it.  I just really liked it and I didn't want it to die I guess.
So B's Momma kept the basket plant at her house for a while.  When we left Provo after the funeral we had so much crap packed in our car I couldn't take the flowers or the plant with me.
B's Momma kept the plant alive and allowed the flowers to live with her until they died.
Either the last time or the time before when we were in Provo, B's Momma gave the plant to me to take home to Smithfield.
Sad to say, the plant is now dead.
I am not good with plants.
So I threw the plant out and salvaged the basket.  I thought maybe, perhaps, I could use the basket for something cute or for a gift for someone.
However, B apparently had the perfect idea for what this basket is good for.
I guess perhaps he thought I kept the basket for him and his use alone.
I came into the kitchen and died laughing when I saw what he had done.
That's may baby!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Still Juveniles at Heart!

So this last weekend my neighbors Bero and Peatree whose name I am actually changing to Biker Chic, we were all bored.
Our other neighbors whom I have not named yet and will later, were out of town.
So we toilet papered their condo.  It was hilarious.
Our condo buildings house four condos per building and theirs is one of the two in the middle.
We had a good time.
Below you see a bush that we papered.
Below here is their porch entrance to the door.
Doesn't that look like fun to bust through?
Below is just another image of the door entrance.
More bushes!
And below here we have a side view.
We had so much fun!
We went over to Bero and Biker Chics house and just waited in the dark of the room upstairs for them to come home.
There were several other cars that entered the parking lot and each time a car would come in we would all say "That's them! They're here!" and we would all get quiet and look out the window.
Finally when it really was our neighbors, they got out of the car and the first thing the neighbor boy said was "I'm gonna kill 'em."  It was hilarious.
They came over and we all just hung out for a while.
Awe! Such fun!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Arnold the Dork!

Below is a picture of my dog's dishes and their food.
No, we did not intentionally miss the dishes.
No, the dog's don't normally prefer to eat the food straight off of the floor.
Yes, our dogs, well Arnold, is retarded.
For reasons that B and I are unsure of, Arnold has decided that before eating he must shove his nose in his food and shuffle it around.
He won't only do this to one dish of food, but to both of them.
In the picture above I feel he got a little carried away.
Below is some footage of Arnold being caught in the act!

What a moron!!!