Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Perhaps the Last Post for 2009

Though this blog will be picture-less, I had to get at least one more post in before the new year begins. Our Christmas was absolutely fantastic. It helps that I am married to the best person who ever roamed the earth. My lands, I don't know how he loves me so much... but he does.

As you all (or most of you) may have known, I had to work Christmas day. It was a fun day to spend with my patients and perhaps it is that way because I take care of people who get to know me, not just as a nurse, but as a true care-giver. I feel that working where I do, you get to know your patients a lot better than you would if you worked in a hospital. Maybe some wings in the hospital offer a more extensive stay (my dads nurses are an example), and those nurses too would have hopefully had a better time working such a family oriented holiday.
It was fun, though I couldn't wait to get home to be with B.

As I said, we had a great holiday. I am pretty sure that every gift I got for B is going to be returned, but he is a hard person to shop for. Me on the other hand... I am all to easy to please. B got me some knitting tools. I am a self taught crocheter, so now, on to becoming a self taught knitter. I really cannot wait. However, I am still finishing some hats that I want to give to some loved friends and family for Christmas... knitting will have to wait.

We both bought each other some video games and video game equipment (Wii fit plus!). I got B what I thought was a bad ass remote controlled helicopter, but he is going to return it. I think because he found it cheaper online than what I payed for it. B got me and himself some shirts. He also got me pearls. They are beautiful. I will photo them as soon as we find our battery charger for our camera.

The dogs seem to love their tent with tube toy that we got them. This item is really meant for human children, but it suits my furry critters just fine. Gordon actually did laps through the tube after we set it up. He is such a sweet pup. Arnold is not so sure about the tube... the tent, he doesn't mind. He will actually go in their without any coaxing.

In other news... I made some good bucks on my hats. I received an order for 7 hats and made over $100.00. That was pretty cool. This experience has inspired me to perhaps start a business similar to Raw Chickens where I will have a blog of nothing but hats and scarves... maybe even mittens and little kid winter booties... not sure yet. I have a lot to look into, like my small business owners license, plus I am hoping that if I site my patterns, both the free ones I have found online and the ones that I have purchased in a book, that I won't piss off other women and men out their who have posted their patterns to be used for free. I would basically just be charging for my labor and yarn costs. I don't care to take credit for anyones patterns. All of that kind of stuff makes me nervous, perhaps nervous enough to not actually start a business at all. It is a good idea though, and one that I know I would enjoy. I guess I am just a chicken.

In other news, B and I and our neighbors are going to start P-90 X in January. Perhaps this will jump-start us into looking good in time for summer. I have got to get in better shape because I plan on doing a hell of a lot of road and mountain biking this year. I really can't wait. The Little Red Riding Hood bike ride will be here before we know it! That ride is an absolute blast!

On a more serious note. Things at work have been pretty good lately. It is so touching to care for the elderly, especially as they start to near the end of their lives. One lil' gal just passed away on the 27th, and I will miss her and her family immensely. They are wonderful people. Though I was not the nurse on with her as she passed away, her family made it a point today to tell me that I was the 'heart of her care at Terrace Grove.' I was so very complimented and touched. It made me realize that I really do make a difference, every day. These are things that I need to remember on the days that I am completely burnt out at work. Just thought I would share that with you all, whoever is still reading this.

What else can I tell you? I don't know that there is much. B and I will not be making it to Provo again this year. I do have gifts for the families south of us... I am just going to have to mail these fun little items. I hope that one and all had fun at their various family/friend holiday functions.

Happy Holidays one and all.
To a Better and Brighter New Year!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I LOVE Being a Lady...

Being a Lady allows you certain privileges. Especially on Saturday when you don't have to work at your Lady job.
On the best Saturdays off I get to lounge on my leather couch. I get to curl up in my Zebra Snuggie, switch on Lifetime movie network, and eat pastries.
I get to enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee as I indulge in my world of Saturday comfort.
I am able to ignore the puppy seen on my right.
And before I begin my Lady Saturday? I sleep in way longer than my wife and allow her to slave away making big bucks on her talents.
I just peacefully sit and enjoy my stories.
Later this evening the only thing that will have changed is my beverage.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ta-Dah!... Finally a Blog!

Things have been busy!!! But today I finally blog.
I have decided to show off some of the Christmas decor in our wonderful house.
Below is a picture of all the the Christmas stuff we are putting on top of our new entertainment center. Above that is the very Christmasssy "All in the Family" on our TV. Seriously I don't know why I was watching that.
Below is a close up of a snow couple that Bonnie gave me and B last year. There is a spot that you can push and they sing and dance. Pretty cute.
That there Bonnie keeps us in some really cute decorations.
Below here is another cute lil' snowman. He is hugging a throw. My sweet aunt Dana gave this to B and I for Christmas this year at our family party (which was a blast... thanks again Arty and Opera!).
At last, here is our tree. I cut the star off in my pic, but you get the gist of it. I love our tree. It is small and simple. It sucks that it is not pre-lit, so putting lights on it is really annoying, but luckily I married the best man alive and he took on that chore. What a guy.
I decided to give you a close up of the Christmas sign my very creative sister Raw made. She gave one to everyone in our family. She is just so clever. I am so happy that we are sisters. As far as sisters go, she is the best.
Below is the present candy jar that the Christmas sign leans up against. We don't have anything to hang the sign up with at the moment so it rests against the candy jar. I love the candy jar. My dad gave it to me. I think he and Bonnie got one for everyone to have on his second to last Christmas. I love that he did that. We all have something wonderful to decorate our houses with that will forever remind us of him
Miss you Dad!
And below here, my creative Raw strikes again. She made Christmas bows for all the little girls in our family and she brought one too many. I told her that I would love to have it, even though I won't wear it. It is just pretty. So I have stuck it in our tree for now.
And finally I have to represent B's stocking that his aunt Dorothy made for him when he was a little boy. I think she made one for him and all of his siblings. B's is in pretty good shape. He took very good care of it.
I had to get a close up of the face. Though I think it is very cute, I also think that this Santa looks a little 'fruity' if you know what I mean.
B loves him no matter what his preferences are... what a guy!
So our family got together for the Christmas party on the 12th. It was so much fun. It was much better than last year, when I don't think we did anything together at all. We all really dropped the ball. B and I showed up to Arty's first at about 2:00. We hung out and talked and played with his girls and just had a good time. Raw and Rambo + family showed up not too long after and the chatting/hanging continued. Delaware and Alaska showed up much later, but we still loved EVERY minute we were able to spend with them. I don't think they knew how early that they could have come, but it was still a great time with them.
Dana came with them. Bonnie showed up last. She had a lot on her plate that day.
It was a wonderful night that went by way too fast. I really can't wait for the next family party. I love my siblings all very much and I am so happy that this first Holiday get together without both our Mom and Dad was successful. Things went so well it is hard not to feel as if Mom and Dad were right there in the house with us. Oh how I miss them and their advice.
I love my whole family so very much! How lucky I am.
I hope all is well elsewhere. I will be a better blogger.
Much love to all.